Competition – Anchor Butter Elevenses

For the first time ever on the Not My Year Off blog it’s competition time!!

Check it out and go ahead and enter to win some brilliant goodies.

Anchor Butter is bringing back Elevenses!


Well… It never really went anywhere; it’s just been a little forgotten.

We want to inspire people who feel the need to have a nice little sit, with a cup of tea and a nibble at around 11 o’clock.

You might call us crazy, but we find that a buttered crumpet or slice of cake at this time of day is just what’s needed. The kids are at school, you’ve made countless packed lunches, the dogs’ been for a walk and before you start your day (as if it hasn’t already been going for hours!) you need a bit of a recharge.

We want people to embrace this mid morning snack, in all its glory and we want you to join us! To help bring Elevenses back we’d like to offer all the readers of Not My Year Off the chance to win a full set of Anchor memorabilia! That’s a butter dish, a pair of egg cups, a cake stand, a cake tin, a tea towel, an apron and a toy van!


All you have to do is tell us what’s your favourite elevenses snack? Leave a comment below with your answer and a way you can be contacted (e.g Twitter name).

We’d love to talk to you more so why not hop over to Anchor’s Facebook and Twitter for a chat.

THE WINNER IS ….. Kate Bissell. 


There are also 4 runner up prizes courtesy of Anchor Butter.  They are as follows:

Lauren Pilkington (@cherryloz)

Jennifer-Mary Pettitt


Catherine (@MummyLion)

Good Luck!


260 thoughts on “Competition – Anchor Butter Elevenses

  1. First comp, how exciting! My favourite elevenses snack is toasted crumpets with butter! And I can be contacted through twitter @MotherScuffer


  2. Definitely crumpets! a favourite for all the office staff in work! Cant bet a mid morning break!

  3. I love hot buttered wholemeal toast with Anchor butter on, of course!!!! I never have time to eat breakfast earlier as I have four kids to get up and ready and then off to school. Usually when I have dropped them off, done a few bits of shopping and returned home, I can sit down and enjoy my toast with a cuppa and This Morning!

  4. I am already a fan of Anchor on Facebook (Tracy K Nixon) and I also follow them on twitter too! @tracyknixon

  5. it has to be toast made for white bread and loads of lovely anchor butter, pure comfort food actually any time of the day (or night) would be good for this

  6. Cheese and biscuits, with creamy butter spread edge to edge – it’s not indulgent, it just stops the cheese from falling off – honestly. Would I lie to you? ;o)

  7. Way back in the days when I was allowed snacks, toast and butter would have hit the spot! Now I have to avoid snacking 😦

  8. hot cross buns with jam xxx or if i’ve made a cake it’ll be a slice of cake 😀 @dark_angel787

  9. a nice strong cup of tea (i have 4 boys and am exhausted most of the time!) and some yummy plain digestive biscuits

  10. Toasted teacake (with butter obviously). Just finished one in fact – nom nom nom 🙂

  11. Potato Cakes – so hot that the butter just melts the second it touches them, so you end up having to mop it all off the plate. Perfect to munch whilst the little guy is sleeping/playing/doing anything so long as he’s not screaming the place down!


  12. Toasted teacakes with lots of butter (pity I can’t persuade myself that it’s carrot sticks and an apple!).

  13. Favourite elevenses snack… this has been difficult for me as I LOVE all types of cakes/bakes but after much thought, I’ve gone for a fruit scone with butter! Mmmmm!

  14. I got a cupcake maker for xmas, so at the moment they are my favourite elevenses snack! (with a cup of tea of course!)

  15. I just love a hot toasted teacake with lots of butter and a large mug of tea. (Mind you I will eat it at any time of day, not just eleven o’clock

  16. already liked on Fb and followed on Twitter (@itsmeexxx)…I am loving that clock its so cool!
    fingers crossed as it all would look great in my kitchen xxx

  17. A chocolate chip cookie (or a few chocolate chip cookies!!)

    Following on Twitter as @Laura_Cookies

  18. I am dieting…so, I use my daily ‘treat’ with one chocolate digestive with a cup of tea..may not sound much, but in a sea of diet eating it’s a little oasis of pure pleasure!

  19. Cute prize!!

    My fav has to be some tasty Rooibos tea, with some shortbread biscuits for dipping!! 🙂

  20. Warm croissant/s dunked into ice cold gold top milk. Dang – know what’s on my to do (eat) list for tomorrow morning now.

  21. I have fresh pineapple straight from the fridge – delicious and refreshing! Then a cup of tea. @sheberhorton

  22. One of my favourite elevenses snack is, well, to be honest, I don’t tend to have one, but when I do it’s out of a few.. Whatever is in the cupboards or fridge! 😛 Normally either some chocolate, or a packet of crisps.


  23. My favourite elevensies is definitely cream crackers with loads of thick spread anchor butter! Oh my god how yummy!


  24. my fav elevenses has to be hot toasted crumpets with anchor butter and peanut butter on top..scrummy 🙂 my boyfriend wont have any butter but anchor!! can be contacted on twitter @lisaanniew or email

  25. Wholemeal toast with lots of butter (yes I do eat Anchor!) and some homemade marmalade (thanks Paul!), cut in quarters 🙂 @highrising51 on twitter!


  27. My not so snacky snack has to be a combanation of a few things… Moo cow biscuits (Malted Milks) cheeses (Caerphilly is the best :p) well buttered toast (without the crust) i’m ashamed to say!

    If I’m not working it has to be fresh free range runny boilt eggs with soldiers made of fresh bread from the bakers – buttered of course 🙂

  28. my favourite elevenses is a cup of hot milky coffee and cadburys chocolate fingers!! not very healthy i know

  29. I like to sit down with a nice big piece of homemade lemon drizzle cake, or just about any other cake come to think of it.

  30. A coffee with a mini jam chocolate roll or a plain chocolate digestive or two. suzybe on twitter

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