The Not So Speedy Gonzales

After weeks of commando style crawling and simultaneous cleaning of my floorboards with his top and jeans, Baby Boy yesterday started crawling. Our reaction was one of “awwwww” followed by “arggggghhhh!” when he made a beeline straight for the shiny silver coloured fireplace griddle. The hearth is giving him vast amounts of amusement as he smacks his hand on it and then rattles the griddle as if trying to pull it off. Oh crap! I now have two massive floor cushions blocking the entire thing. Thankfully this has either confused him or he’s forgotten. Either way he’s left it alone. For now. (Cue frantic purchasing of fireguard!).

Between yesterday afternoon and this morning (approximately 4 hours of rug time), he’s learned the following new tricks:

– getting stuck in what looks like about 2 inches of space between a wall and tables
– getting stuck under a table
– Pulling or attempting to gnaw laptop charger / iPod charger / wires in general
– Various attempts to ascend the fireplace

He’s not even properly got going yet!
Could someone mop my brow?


16 thoughts on “The Not So Speedy Gonzales

  1. You need to get yourself a safety kit lovely. We have catches on anything that opens and is under a metre tall, fireguard, stairgate, plug covers, door wedges, door jams, and cupboards (especially tv stand) tethered to the wall. It’s only going to get worse…

  2. *dabbing at your brow* This is about the time I started to (not so seriously) consider that my daughter was half puppy. 🙂 Then she started learning to walk and do other things & I would call her a cave baby (very similiar and closely related to the cave man, lol) to my hubby since her body movements would not quite be in synch. Sometimes I still call her that.

    When Avery started cruising around the furniture, I was so anxious for her to walk and remember thinking how cool that would be. Then she started walking and I thought bleep bleepity bleep. That’s when I dubbed her a hummingbird on crack so it does get crazier and your bum will never be able to sit down. 😉 xx

  3. Iyla loves wires! She’s also managed to pull the babyproof corner protectors off the table. Clearly they can’t have actually been tested by babies ever! And they were five quid. Useless. Iylas new game is eating bits of crap of the floor. Yuk! X

  4. It doesn’t matter how much ‘baby-proofing’ you do. They will still find something to try and kill themselves on. It’s a miracle kids make it to two at all. Good luck!

  5. Oh dear! This reminds me that my boy used to get under our dining table, in amongst all the chair legs it was like a maze. Then it turned into a climbing frame & we’d find him laying across the chairs! That’s now his fave hide & seek spot! X

  6. Haha! I remember it well! You find yourself thinking, “how is that even dangerous” but it will be, and they’ll find it!

    Good luck, may the force be with you!

  7. Oh yes i remember this well. I would get stair gates up as quickly as possible as I was quite late with my first and he really struggled with being ‘shut in’ when he had got use to going anywhere he wanted. Noah commando style crawled for ages too!

  8. There’s so much more to come, as well! Mine isn’t walking just yet – but crawls SO fast. And he tries to trick us… He’ll head in one direction and we’ll sit back, relax and think ‘oh, that’s ok – nothing there that can get him into trouble’ and then he’ll suddenly change direction and head towards cables, tables, ipods, sharp corners, etc. Good luck!

  9. Ha! Just you wait until he can reach the kitchen counter! Nothing will ever be safe ever again. Pack up the breakable now, get them back out when he leaves home.

    Thanks for linking up to ShowOff ShowCase.

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