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Project 52 – Week 26 / Silent Sunday


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The theme in Tara’s Gallery this week is Hands.

I love studying hands. Not in a creepy way but I do take a cheeky glance at them. I’m not really sure why but they tell you a lot about someone. The delicate looking ones, the grafting ones, the strong looking ones that you want to to hold (like my OHs), the teeny tiny baby ones (soo precious) and the ones with slightly wonky fingers (mine! But I would complete beat you in an ET phone home finger competition!!)

Rather than subject you to a pic of my (just the one!) slightly wonky finger, here are the precious hands on Baby Z…

When he was little



And now…


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Going to Britmums Live

Britmums Live! I finally went!

I’ve been looking forward to it for months (and been scared witless at the same time!). I could only make the Saturday but, after a bit of a wild goose chase trying to find the venue, got there in one piece all keen and excited. That disappeared completely as I entered the Brewery and was met by a sea of people. I didn’t have a buddy as such to go with so initially felt completely overwhelmed and wasn’t sure what to do with myself. I ended up escaping to the main events room, meeting the lovely Sew scrumptious and calming down. Phew… This might not be so bad after all.

The day still hasn’t quite registered in any logical kind of order in my head but these are my highlights, things I discovered and thoughts still buzzing round my head:

The Good, Bad and Random Bits…

Sarah Brown is excellent. I loved her manner and the way she presents so naturally. I was even more impressed when she confessed it is something she was terrified of doing to the point of fainting the first time she did it.

It was so surreal to meet people who knew so much about you (and vice versa) despite never having met!

People actually read my blog. I also know this from looking at my stats (duh!), but it’s kind of reassuring to know you’re not sending your blog out to a black hole in the blogging universe!

I spent most of my time staring at people’s chests (at their name tags) trying to figure out who they were. Then tried to throw my arms around them if I knew them. Thankfully no one ran off screaming.

The sessions were really useful but I found in some cases they were rushed due to the allocated time. It meant Q&A was sometimes cut very short or just not possible. Bloggers were really keen with hands shooting up in the air as soon as it finished.

It was really overwhelming at times but I think It was a combination of a busy agenda, being completely new to blogging events and trying to say hello to everyone

They don’t know it but I used a few bloggers as my comfort blanket. So thank you TheBoyandMe, JennyPaulin and Sarah James from aPartyofSeven. They are absolutely amazing, friendly and great bloggers.

I was completely in awe meeting two particular bloggers and nervous approaching them. I was really pleased to find they are just like their blog… Bubbly, full of character and with brilliant personalities.

I found in most cases that people I love on Twitter are the same in real life. I only had one meeting where I’ve re-evaluated what I think of them.

MumOnTheBrink looks amazing for someone with a newborn (I forgot to tell her!). Even about 3 months post baby I looked like I’d gone ten rounds in a boxing ring.

I was really glad to finally meet Dia from @lagosmum. I was nattering on to someone about looking for her and suddenly spotted her within inches of me. Cue shouts of hello and hugs.

I think Dawn Brown could make anything tax related sound interesting. She really knows her stuff and gave some excellent advice.

I want to keep wittering on about individual bloggers but I wont! I’ll just say that it’s given me a lot more courage to go to future events. Yes there are cliques and some people just don’t want to be approached, but you can sense this a mile off and politely keep away. It mostly worked for me.

Don’t think wearing mid heels is ok if you are coming all the way from the North West. By the end of the day your legs will ache. I wish I’d worn my trainers!

The Karate Kicking Octopus

When Z was first born I was scared witless about putting him into my bed. Both midwives and leaflets had hammered into my that you should NOT SHARE A BED WITH A BABY! Arrrgggghh, yes Miss, I won’t I won’t! I was so scared of crushing him or suffocating him I would never, no matter what put him next to me, even for a cuddle. Just in case. Z has been a rubbish sleeper from the start and would get up countless number of times in the night. Like any zombie sleep deprived new mum I would rock him back to sleep and put him back in his cot.

I started getting used to the zombie mummy lifestyle, thinking this was just part of motherhood and that I must become a woman that survives on about 4 -5 hours sleep a night. Every so often I’d crash and burn and sleep most of the weekend.

Then one day, when he was 11 months old, and grown up, and much more “solid”, and like a proper little boy, I was so tired I stuck him in our bed. And like magic, he slept. Wow. Sleep. Pure sweet, more than 4 hours at a time, sleep. And so it began, Z would start off in his cot and then end up in our bed about 4am. I wasn’t too bothered because I was finally getting some sleep for the first time in ages.

But over the last few months, this creeping into our cot is getting earlier and earlier. Some nights as early as midnight. And most nights he needs to be looking at me. Making sure I am there and sometimes even holding his hand until he drifts off into sweet slumber. How do I get out of this?

As he’s gotten older he’s also become a lot more active in his sleep. He’s always been a “sleep kicker” and as he’s grown he’s starting to resemble something of a mini karate kid, kicking us repeatedly in the gut whilst he probably dreams of getting his black belt. This is no doubt great fun for him but slightly uncomfortable for us. To add to that, he’s now developed the ability to make it seem like his limbs replicate during the night, and get longer (and maybe they do). At a point when you’re in a very deep sleep he will wrap both arms around your head and then try to wrap both legs around your head too (if he hasn’t kicked you first. Or decided he’d rather sleep-break-dance). Whilst its comforting to know your son loves you to bits, sleeping next to a karate kicking Octopus can be absolutely knackering. And whilst I love my OH to bits he doesn’t look that great going to work every day with constant blood shot eyes from being so tired. (“No hun, you look great!! Now drink your black coffee, take your pro plus and wake up!! Ahem..” etc.)

SO….we are about to embark on a quest. The quest to get him out of our bed and get him to sleep better. I’ve googled various methods and the lovely mums on Twitter have suggested a few good books to read. Being a complete wimp I just can’t seem to do the controlled crying (although I may have to use it as a last resort. Not too sure how yet but thats for another day). So I’ve started reading The No Cry Sleep solution. I’ve only just started it but its given me massive insight into how babies sleep, how their minds work and the things they want / like etc. So far, so good. I snuck ahead and implemented a teeny tiny thing already which is about using words that you want your baby to associate with sleep. Where as before I’d just whisk him upstairs, I now announce its “sleepy time!” and make a bit of a fuss about going upstairs and saying goodbye to Mummy or Daddy. This was an instant hit with Z and he’ll wave and blow kisses to whoever is downstairs. TINY step but really great result.

I know there is a massive element of his Daddy in him when it comes to sleep. My OH is half tree, half Octopus so I know Z will always be a wriggly active sleeper, but if I can just get him to go to sleep without him lying on our bed watching me like a hawk then I will be very happy and less zombie looking. My second quest will be to tackle why the karate kicking Octopus still wakes up in the night.

Wish me luck sleep!

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