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Silent Sunday – 29/4/12


Mocha Beanie Mummys Silent Sunday on LAB



With Wimbledon and the Olympics just around the corner, the theme in the Gallery this week is Action.

This is probably Baby Zs favourite word, in his head I mean. The boy never stops. If he’s not trying to throw himself backwards off the sofa (complete with massive grin), he is running around the house at full speed, trying to climb things like the TV cabinet or entertaining one of the many white good appliances in our house, usually the washing machine. (Did I tell you he can now open the door? Gawd…). Here he is running off with the dustpan. He has recently started “helping” sweep up after I’ve done it, which is very lovely of him but if he could maybe master the Hoover then I would really really love that! (I’m joking. Obviously. Maybe)



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Party Animals

As Baby Z and I have almost recovered from one wedding extravaganza we will shortly be rolling straight into another. This time it’s the turn of my cousin. So “proper” family.

This time a weeks worth of baking, partying, eating too much indian food and, inevitably, trying to keep from looking like a partying zombie by the last day. Baby Z is already looking around curiously at all the prep work going on and being distracted by the nice shiny colours of things like favour boxes and gold napkins that have been stored at Grandmas house for safekeeping.

You’d think after the wedding a couple of weeks ago we’d already be prepared; both mentally and physically. The state of affairs, though, is currently something like this…

I still need outfits for all the days. With this being a “themed” wedding, each of the days has a different colour. This does look amazing on the day but, my god, it’s hard work looking for the right colours.

The hubby is coming for all the days. Hurrah hurrah! He is being reminded of his parental duties for the wedding week on a daily basis.

Baby Z is currently in between clothes sizes. Oh, deep joy. Everything either looks slightly short or too big.

Apparently, shoe places don’t tend to sell black shoes for babies because “there is not the demand for it”. Whaaa? Are you mental shoe people?? I am half thinking of opening a shop that seeks nothing but black shoes for tiddlywinks and become millionaire from doing so.

I need to re-commence exercising on a daily basis if I don’t want to spend the entire wedding week breathing in. That can get slightly tiring.

Attempting to organise one hen do, one pre-wedding family meal and one pre-wedding friends meal. Over the 3 remaining weekends that are left before the wedding week. Hmmm

And funding it all? Well, there are several ways I am pondering. Persuading the hubby to “invest” in his lovely wife looking utterly glamorous for the wedding week, flogging Baby Zs toy shop (well he hardly plays with them anyway!) or, failing that, considering cash for gold.

I foresee June to be a slightly skint month!

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