When To Change Car Seats

Baby Z is at a weird in between stage at the moment. Car seat wise I mean. He still fits quite safely into his first car seat but his legs dangle over and he looks more than a bit squished when I stick him in the car.

I’ve been in a bit of a dilemma about whether to start using his brand spanking, new, forward facing, better sight seeing providing car seat. You see, whilst I can use the baby car seat it means I can transport him, sleeping, from one destination to another. Whilst in the toddler seat he’s more likely to be woken up.

So, I thought, let’s leave it for now. All was well till a few days ago when I was in my mad rush to get home. Baby Z was fed and instantly put into his baby car seat and off we set off for home.

About half way he started playing up and no amount of (my acoustic) version of the Iggle Piggle song would placate him. Great. I pulled up and decided to give him a face to face rendition of something from cbeebies.

And that’s when it happened. There was a second of silence. Fab! Mummy’s face is all he wanted. Then an almighty eruption. Of vomit. Absolutely everywhere. In that split second the earth mother / Stoopid head in me (probably the latter) dived with hands cupped under his chin and attempted to catch the vomit. He threw up all over himself, my hands, my coat and my brand new month old, straight from the dealer, car.

At this point all logic left my brain and I forgot I was in possession of cleaning materials such as muslin clothes and baby wipes. Instead, upon examining the orange coloured explosion that had taken place on my “midnight black” car interior, I proceeded to clean the mess up with my hat. Suffice to say I didn’t do a good job as I cradled an ecstatic, now free from the clutches of his car seat, Baby Z with one hand, whilst trying to mop up orange sick with the other.

After a few minutes my poor hat gave up and I resorted to wiping my hands on my trousers. Baby Z couldn’t have cared less he was soaked through and was happily playing with the steering wheel whilst squealing with excitement.

Somehow, after prising Baby Z back into his car seat we both made it home walking into the house looking like we’d both been gunged at a Nickleoden event.

After being laughed at hysterically by the husband we attempted to dismantle the Maxi cosi with the cunning of a Krypton Factor contestant (I mean, come on Maxi Cosi. How hard is it just to get the cover off. They are by no means user friendly!). Eventually we managed to get everything hosed down and freed of orange sick.

After several failed attempts trying to get the Maxi Cosi cover back onto the car seat, it was decided.

He is ready for the next one.



13 thoughts on “When To Change Car Seats

  1. Oh my, the baby vomit explosion did make me laugh but in a been there, done it kind of way. On the car seat front I was told not to worry about the baby’s legs but to change to a bigger seat once their head was above the top of the little rear facing seat.

  2. oh nooooo how awful and in your face and your car euuurgh!!
    But probably for the best as he will be more comfy facing forward and may enjoy the view more now. we changed Jenson over on saturday – its another mile stone to cross off the list isn’t it?
    i hope your car smells ok now – fabreeze to the rescue! x

  3. I think exploding sick and being unable to put on the old seat cover is a perfectly good reason to change car seats.
    We’ve just put the little guy into his big seat but I’ve kept the baby carrier in the car for now, just in case I think he might fall asleep in the car and need carrying in. He’s still in the weight bracket for both at the moment.

  4. Oh dear what I horrible experience (we’ve all been there).

    Can I recommend a car seat (if you haven’t already chosen one)… http://www.kiddicare.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/productdisplayA_51_10751_-1_14569_125589_10001_14568

    I have this one, if little man is still too small for forward facing can be used rear facing and in multi-recline positions. Tigger loves his one and it beeps when you unclip so little fingers don’t unclip without you knowing about it

  5. I remember this funny (not that sing sick is funny by you know what I mean!) post the first time around. It ent be long until he will need his toddler big boy seat !! Always something happening isn’t there? X
    Thanks for linking up x

  6. Oh no! I hope he is ok now and that your car survived a good clean afterwards. I did laugh at you attempting to catch the vomit. I wouldn’t have even tried…I’d have been jumping out the car to avoid it hitting me…!

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