In the Nightmare Garden

What do you do when your baby boy decides the car is suddenly a boring place to be? Couple that with what looks like the start of separation anxiety and we have an interesting (or not!) car journey on our hands.

This week was no different to the usual. One sunny-ish day I decided it would be lovely to visit Grandma who lives about half an hour away. Now, normally baby boy gets very excited to be in the car and I’ve spotted him straining his neck to see all the colours and wonderous landmarks, trees and general traffic that we pass on out journey. Halfway, he will drop off to sleep. Good baby! No fuss.

This week was different though. We had the normal excitement when I strapped him into the car seat, but it was short lived. I could the hear the beginnings of baby whinging when I got out the car to put petrol in and ended up playing dramatic peekaboo through the car window. Have you ever played peekaboo on a petrol courtyard and then paid the cashier whilst avoiding all manner of eye contact?

Once I got back in the car I was lulled into a false sense of happy baby babbling security and tootled off on my half hour journey. About 10 minutes in, after joining the motorway, the “pick me up, I’m bored” cries started. Uh oh… What to do? Radio 1 didn’t seem todo it for him, neither did any other type of music! After what felt like an eternity of what was actually about a few minutes I took the first available exit and parked up frazzled but safely.

Then it came to me, like a blue and red blanket cladded flash. I whipped out my iPhone and started the In the Night Garden app. Instantly, there was silence. And then a contented smile the cheeky monkey. There was nothing for it but to drive the rest of the way with the bloody theme tune playing for a good 10 minutes, till it lulled him to sleep. And me? All I could picture for the remaining journey was Iggle Piggle running around with his damn red blanket. I hope this is a phase!


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8 thoughts on “In the Nightmare Garden

  1. Haha love the name of this post! Iyla went through that phase, I used to dread driving anywhere but she is fine again now. What is it with In The Night Garden and babies?! Its the only book Iyla sits through without moaning and if I ever need to distract her all I have to do is say, Iggle Piggle Wiggle Niggle Noo and she laughs her head off!

    • Haaahaa!! Oh I’m so glad to hear its a phase. Everywhere for me is 20 mins away. I think little z would throw his arms around Iggle Piggle if he ever saw him in real life!

  2. Not a phase. You are about to enter the world of horrendous car journeys! I spotted a portable dvd player for £50 in Asda a few weeks ago and so I bought it on a whim. Thank God I did. It has saved my sanity twice recently!

    • Oh thats not good…*runs to Asda*. Our mini break in September will be the first time we go on a long ish car journey. Think we’ll need to be prepared by the sound of it

  3. Bahaha sucker!!! Wrapped you around his finger already eh? rofl I toss L’s fave blankets beside him, a few toys on his lap and go. He cries i turn up the radio and keep driving. I coo that I know and we’ll be there soon, once or twice. He has learned to suck it up and falls asleep pretty quickly now. There was a month there though I wondered where my peaceful driving baby went. phew.

    • Hehe :p I will have to try the radio trick. Or just going a bit longer before I stop… I am hoping it’s a phase. Has to be a phase. Please say it’s a phase. Right?

  4. A phase? hmmm one that may possibly last 17 years…….

    my eldest was a dream in the car, he would fall asleep within 5 minutes of driving…..whereas my youngest is a nightmare..nothing distracts him, if he falls asleep is usually 5 minutes before we arrive.

  5. Having just been stuck in the bloody car for 3 hours on the sodding M5 today, I can tell you that my portable DVD player was worth every penny of the £50!

    Thanks for linking this up to #ShowOffShowCase

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