The theme in the Gallery this week is Colours.

During our stay we’ve been passing this massive sculpture on a daily basis. Its very impressive and the vibrant colours attracts your gaze instantly. During one lazy afternoon we watched the hotel promo video on loop and learned that it’s been assembled using over 3000 pieces of hand blown glass. The artist, from Seattle, flew over with his team to put it all together and the whole operation took about 2 weeks! (Personally, I would never have that kind of patience… But then I’m not an artist). It’s meant to symbolise all aspects of life in the sea.



The Most Favourite Thing About Our Holiday

We have been in Dubai for almost a week now and soon it’ll be time to come home. Little Z had been absolutely loving it and taking it all in his stride. In fact, some days and in some ways it’s like he’s a completely different child.

My very fussy non eater EATS here! Properly eats. Some days one of the first things he does is ask for food. This is amazing for him. He’s mostly asked for pizza or chips for breakfast, which we’ve not yet granted, but this is like music to my ears. I just hope this is something that’s here to stay.

We are staying in a hotel which is completely centred to families and thankfully has about a bazillion children’s activities. It also means it has about a bazillion other children all running around and causing havoc. The staff are just amazing though. Little Z now constantly runs into the arms of most security guards (of which there are many dotted around) and other staff. Each enjoys chucking him in the air and he screams with delight. This is not something I want to take back home with me. I don’t think I have the energy to stop his attempts at running into every strangers arms. Still, here it’s a wonderful sight and has boosted his self confidence no end.

Being surrounded by a bazillion children has its advantages, especially at dinner. The other night we met the girl version of Little Z. She was like a carbon copy in character. Having been seated at the table next to them Little Z and Girl Version Z ran through their obligatory rituals of smiling shyly at each other, followed by playing peekaboo, pointing and calling each other “baby!” and then flinging food around and giving their wipes a sneaky lick…followed by some defiant not so sneaky shoving into mouth when told not to lick them. We’ve not seen them much since that might but it’s very reassuring to meet another toddler that behaves the exact way as your own toddler.

The hotel has some indoor aquariums that stand at about 80ish feet tall. They house some amazing species of fish and sea life. Little Z asks to see them about 3 times a day and will spend ages saying and waving hello to each one and telling them to “come here!”. They sometimes oblige if they’re feeling generous.

But his absolute, most favourite thing about the holiday so far? That would be the escalators in the shopping malls. His face is a complete picture any time we pass one and he can barely contain his excitement when standing on one. Of course, as soon as we get off at the end he wants to immediately get on one going in the opposite direction. We once may have got on them 4 times in succession to avoid a very loud public tantrum.

So basically we could have just taken him to the Trafford centre for a few hours.

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

The theme in the Gallery this week is Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

So basically transport; that can be bicycles, motorbikes, camper vans, motor homes or jet skis.
Interpret it any way you like and then come back and let’s get that motor running (sorry).

A few years back one of my friends asked if I wanted to go to a conference with her to Antwerp. She would go off to and listen to boring interesting Orthoptic related things and I could wander around looking around the lovely city. Our plan was we would jump on the train in the evenings and check out neighbouring cities and be all cultural. And that we were. We gorged on Belgian chocolate, waffles, more chocolate and ooh’d and ahhhh’d at the diamond quarter. And then ate more chocolate.

One evening we made our way to the train station to go to Brussels. And we were met with this…


A double decker train!!!

Despite the fact that the UK is filled with double decker busses, we were amazed, not having seen one of these before, and like civilised adults in their late 20s, excitedly ran to the top! Then proceeded to go back to nattering and putting the world right all the way to our next destination.

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Phone Photos – The Gallery

The theme in The Gallery this week is Phone Photos. The only rule being it should have been taken on your phone.

On our holiday to Jordan over a year ago we took a trip to Petra and did the amazing walk up to the Treasury. It’s an amazing historic city full of of insights into a forgotten civilisation. Most people come thinking there are a few key monuments to see. Myself included. Once we’d seen the very grand Treasury we found a little cafe to rest my weary feet. This was our view:


The entire cliff is full of caves and carvings made mainly for tombs. There are numerous walkways all the way up which are, to this day, safe to walk along. I got about half way up and then pottered back down again in the mid day sun whilst the hubby decided to venture right to the top where some of the more “esteemed” tombs were housed once upon a time. I sat sipping my water in the cafe and realised hubby had taken the camera with him so snapped with my phone. Hubby came down an hour later with about 200 snaps of caves. Took ages to go through them all!

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