Toddler Obsessions

I’ve noticed that Toddler Z seems to have a new “fun game” that he becomes slightly obsessed with every week. He can entertain himself for almost an hour, which is amazing for my little bundle of energy that sometimes reminds me of a cross between the Tasmanian Devil and a crawling/ toddling version of the Road Runner from the Wile E Coyote cartoons.

Like last week he was completely besotted with a big red bus toy he has. Now this bus is quite heavy but that didn’t stop him from constantly picking it up and then throwing it full force back onto our wooden floors to hear it make a big bang sound. I spent most of the week trying to stop it landing on his toes!

Or like a few days ago when he discovered that one kitchen cupboard that doesn’t have a lock on it and there was a sudden excited realisation that, yes, at last, he could repeatedly open and slam the door shut as hard as he could. The one time he screamed after shutting it on his fingers was when I thought “ah, at least he won’t do it again”. People who go around telling mums this… It’s not true! He simply goes back for more!

This week is the worst, and weirdest, so far. He has become obsessed with my pink fluffy slippers. I wear these all around the house, all day long. He’s never shown the slightest interest in then before. But all of a sudden, as soon as i take them off he will dart across the room and grab one, examine it for a bit and then turn then over and LICK the sole!


At first I thought it was a one off baby experiment and did my usual shake off the head and firm but full of love (of course) “no baby, that’s bleurgh”. After a couple of incidents it dawned on me this is his new “fun game”. Now I sit with my feet firmly planted in the pink fluffy slippers whilst (I swear) Toddler Z sits across the room watching their every move. Just waiting for my feet to leave them for a single minute so he can bolt across the room and steal them away to have a good lick.

Please let the next new “fun game” come quickly.

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15 thoughts on “Toddler Obsessions

  1. Teeheehee, you made me laugh confirming to all that in fact toddlers don’t learn from their mistakes šŸ™‚ At least not the first time they make them anyway. So true. Hope he moves on from slipperlicking quickly.

  2. It’s so funny the games that they have to amuse themselves. We have an old Pampers box in the kitchen which has plastic kitchen equipment in it for him to play with, he used to love wearing the bowls and crawling around!

  3. My 5 month olds game today is making what can only be described as dinosaur noises! He keeps screeching very loudly at me, the door, the cereal packet……

  4. Yep… They all sound very familiar! A few weeks ago I caught V licking the sole of one of my wedges. The ones I’d worn out dancing the night before. I thought I was going to be sick! Last week was one of my trainers (thank goodness they haven’t been in used in awhile!). Slamming doors and throwing things – been there. Also wondering what’s next! Good luck šŸ™‚

  5. Haha! Yup to all of those! The slipper thing is similar to S obsession with my fluffy socks, he disappears, and re appears, wearing them pulled up to his knees!
    Gotta love them!

  6. Made me chuckle! I’ve just remember something The Boy used to do; would crawl around but push his forehead along the floor like he’s rubbing it on there. And we’re talking about from the age of 18 months onwards, when he’s been walking since he was 12 months old!

    Thanks for linking up to ShowOff ShowCase

  7. hehe yes I remember these quirky times well, my youngest hated shoes and socks with a passion and would take them off at every occasion… and i have a photo of him outside in the mud sat down taking his shoes off and giving them a good suck… errgghh

  8. ha ha he has a foot/slipper fetish! its funny what things they suddenly ‘get’ into isn’t it? cupboard doors are def one that both my boys have been obsessed with and my crocs that i wear to pop out to out shed (where the washing machine and tumble dryer are) they both love carrying those!!!

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