Kate’s latest Listography is all about mugs. On a day where I look more zombie than usual with my cold, streaming eyes and general blood shot-ness this perked me up a bit. After all, I’ve had a mug glued to my hand in one way or another all weekend.

So here’s my fave mugs!

1. The morning cuppa
Plan Jane, does the job in a hurry mug. These are the ones stacked on our mug tree.


2. The “Homer” mug
I bought this for my hubby. He loves The Simpsons and it was part of an Easter egg set. The slogan on the side says “I completely agree with whatever you’ve just said”. I’m sure he would use that with me if he wasn’t going going to get the glare of death back!


3. The not very practical mug
This is one of the first mugs we bought together on a shopping trip to Ikea. I’m not sure what possessed us. You can hardly get even a finger through that handle!


4. The “fancy” mug
One my Royal Doulton bits that come out when we have “guests”. Which err, isn’t that often!


5. My “girlie” hot chocolate mug.
My friend gave me this as a Xmas present. The guys usually try to avoid this one If ever I use it.


Check out the other entries on Kate Takes 5. Go on. Who knew there could be so many mugs out there. I need more!



My Best 5 – Listography


The latest Listography on Kate Takes 5 is all about Our Bests. Any Bests. Whatever we fancy. So here goes…

1. My Best Meal
I am a complete fatty at heart and my favourite meal is usually a good roast, with Yorkshire puddings, gravy and roast potatoes. My best meal though was one my hubby made for me when i came home from hospital, 3 days after having baby. After days of hospital food he made me a simple fish fingers, chips, mushy peas and a fried egg. Yumm!

2. Best Car
My first ever car which was a purple Toyota Corolla and broke down constantly. It was a complete nightmare to maintain but it was my first ever car and even now I look out for it when I drive past the house of the guy i sold it to (Bit sad I know)

3. Best Ever Journey
When we flew Business Class on our honeymoon. Halfway into a flight I usually get grumpy and whine and moan about how Im uncomfortable, I cant sleep, fidget fidget etc. Not this time. The recliners are amazing. As is the food, in house entertainment, service, drinks, food…ah lush! We kept looking at the screen saying Weve only got 7 hours on this flight in a sad manner.

4. Best Holiday
Just after I graduated, my friends and I decided we would celebrate my first proper job by going to Paris on the Eurotunnel. None of us had been before and didnt really know much about the city or the various districts. I found a very nice picture of a hotel and thought wow, thats so gorgeous and so cheap! When we got there we were a bit stunned. It looked nothing like the picture on the website (Sacre Couer) and looked more like a dilapidated bedsit. Oh, and it was in the red light district directly opposite the Moulin Rouge. Despite this, it was the best holiday ever!

5. Best Day
Our wedding day. On the lead up to it I was totally expecting it to go wrong at some point on the day and it did. But I didn’t care one bit and loved every second of it, even the bits that went wrong.

Listography – Cartoon Characters from my Youth

I love Memes that have you reliving a part of your childhood so when I saw Kate latest Listography, my eyes lit up (What? It’s Monday. I’m knackered from the weekend and this gives me joy).

So my Top 5 Cartoon Characters from my Youth…

1. Thundercats
HHHHHHHHHOOOOOO!!! My brothers and I used to love this. We’d watch it all the time, wave our imaginary swords around, occasionally whack each other and pretend to run really fast.


2. Pink Panther
My mum tells me I used to do the dance and everything. She’s lying.

Pink Panther

3. Poddington Peas
Down at the bottom of the garden, amongst the birds and the bees. There’s a lot of little people, they’re called the Poddington Peas (I remember the whole song!)

Poddington Peas

4. Tom and Jerry
Enough said! Classics even now. My favourite was actually Jerry’s little nephew. Or was he his cousin?

Tom & Jerry

5. Batfink
My wings are like a shield of steel!!!


Can you guess I was an 80s child?

This is part of Kate Take 5’s Listography. You can see the other entries by clicking the icon below

Top 5 Random Things I Like


The theme this week on Kate’s Listography is Random Things I like. Here are mine:

1. Coleslaw with Biryani. It is amazing!! Try it. I don’t eat Biryani without it now. Even after knowing my hubby for over a decade he won’t try it and thinks I am weird for having such a weird combination. More for me I suppose, hurrah!!

2. Watching fresh snow fall whilst I’m sat indoors. All warm and dry. I definitely don’tlike being snowed in though!

3. Quentin Tarantino I am a complete wimp when it comes to supernatural / paranormal movies but give me some mindless violence and I can sit munching popcorn happily whilst watching Lucy Liu slice the top of someone’s skull off!

4. A sweatshirt I bought from Primarni about 15 years ago. My mum has threatened to chuck it in the bin if ever she gets her hands on it. My Precious.

5. Sweet Home Alabama Sappy feel good movie. Can’t be watching skull slicing all the time!

My 5 Top Search Terms


Kate’s Top 5 on Listography this week are search terms. I love looking at these on my blog (ok, I know that’s sad) but it’s amusing, and sometimes surprising, to see what people sit and Google. So here are mine…

1. Not My Year Off
Self explanatory

2. What Not to Do when Weaning
It seems mums out there are paranoid. As was I really! I wrote the post on my weaning adventures soon after I started feeding baby.. And god was it a messy time. Actually, it’s just got messier as babys got older!

3. Pink Fluffy Slippers
People must love the thought of them.. Or are a bit weird? I get a LOT of hits for them!! I posted this as an entry into the Gallery. If people are struggling to find them, I got them from George for a fiver. Best slippers ever!

4. Helmets
Again, another popular one for seemingly overprotective mums! When Baby Boy first started standing, and tumbling all over the place, I felt my blood pressure rising and falling like a yoyo and i kept thinking of protective baby inventions that would ensure the baby just bounced around, all encased, instead of the thrice daily tears!

5. Witches
Yep! Witches! Where I live is famous for the Pendle Witches and my plan was to visit this summer I still haven’t been! The search results do amuse me though. My favourite witch related search has been
“Why do witches put Butternut squash on their window sills in September?”

I have no idea! (I even tried to find the answer myself!)