No Parties!

We decided whilst we were on holiday that we wouldn’t have a party for Zs birthday. We had two quite big, quite loud and quite fun parties for his first and decided that this year we’ll only have a very quiet thing. Just the 3 of us.

In truth, I partly couldn’t be bothered post holiday and having not much time with going to work and having no more lead left.

Then Z started singing his new favourite song on a daily basis…”Happy (birthday) TOOO YOOOUUU!!”. We decided a cake wouldn’t be pushing the boat out. And maybe telling his cousins we’re at home with cake that day if they’d like to just drop in.

Maybe a few more nibbles.

And some party plates…to make the little ones happy.

Of course we have to invite the grandparents. They have to be there. That’s a given.

And my brothers and sis in law of course. Just immediate family.

And maybe all my aunts and uncles too because they love playing with him.

And my cousins too.

…and maybe the odd friend as they’ll be up for Xmas.

That’s still keeping it small.

Oh we’ll need party games…and pass the parcel…can’t forget pass the parcels.

Pinatas? Maybe not. God, the mess last year! I was finding confetti in the strangest of places for weeks!

And two for each side. Now who’ll do it for me at short notice?

Because we’ll need two parties.

Oh and avoid the nut allergies

…and egg allergies…

Wonder if that includes cake…hmmm

Ooh party bags!

Maybe not…they’ll be happy with cake right?

Ahh maybe just for the kids…

(and me!)

Not sure I can be bothered with party hats.

Helium balloons might be fun though.

And orders cakes for a couple of days before to avoid snow. Just in case…

Yep…just a very small thing this year.


9 thoughts on “No Parties!

  1. ahahahaha. yeah, just a small party lol. L’s birthday was today. He got to open his gift from his penpal in England. His party is on Saturday. We are having cake and some snackage. Mostly close family and some family friends. My sister most likely won’t come, but her kids are way older. I don’t go to hers either lol. Anyhoo, definitely no party bags full of junk either. I end up forgetting to give them to the kids that do show up. Waste of my $$$. Just ordered his cake tonight too. I totally forgot about needing one until this am. oops. lol. Have fun at your party!

  2. Ha ha! It’s so easy to get drawn in, isn’t it? Hope the ‘non-party’ is fun. My husband always complains that we have two parties every year for the kids – family on the day and friends near the day. So I always have to buy two cakes. And I always insist on all the matching tableware. It gets expensive, but it’s special!

  3. Ha, love how that escalted in to a full blown extravaganza. I wasn’t intending to have a party for CK last year but was guilted in to a ‘small’ celebration by friends that mostly meant drinking champagne and eating way too many cakes while the children ran riot. Never again!

  4. It always starts this way and before you know it, it’s the extravaganza of the century. But you have to have a party for him, he’ll love it and it’s all about him.

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