Hello All!!

This is a quick post to say I have FINALLY become a self hosted blog. After about 2 years of saying I’ll do it. Yes…because I am that lazy.

I will now be – It actually looks a bit of a mess at the moment because in true me style I took the plunge instead of methodically getting all my stuff together first. So its missing my theme (mainly) and various other bits and pieces which I’m now searching my emails for. But its coming together and I’m hoping to cobble it all back together quickly over the next week. (How many Plug INs?!?)

If you follow me on here then you’ll have to re-subscribe. Its a small, big and very annoying thing where I can’t just shift my users across. If, like me, you are epically lazy then you will find, any time you try to access my old address it will divert over to my new (currently not that nice to look at) blog. (I’ll put the divert on tonight sometime!).

I have also mentally prepared myself to free fall a bazillion places in the Tots100.

BUT I am FINALLY Self hosted!


Oh – and if you have me in your bookmarks and blog rolls, please could you update? Thank you!


One thought on “Moving!

  1. Congrats! Big step. I wouldn’t have the faintest idea what to do sounds v complicated but then I am so low down in the Tots anyway its probably a good time to do it as it wouldn’t affect them. Good luck hope all goes smoothly!

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