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The Gallery – Animals

The theme on the Gallery this week is Animals. Growing up we never had any pets. My mum has a bit of a big dislike of cats and dogs and, if a stray did wander in, she’d pretty much jump up on the couch and stay there until someone shoo’d it off! (well, that only really happened once).

We did have budgies for a while and a goldfish not so long ago but that died. It just sort of stopped breathing one day, about two weeks after we got it. I didn’t kill it or anything, I’m just not that good with animals.

I’m not sure if I’ll let the little one have pets yet. Given my goldfish record, I don’t seem to be too great with my animals (I know a fish is not an animal, but you know what I mean!). Time (and proportion of tears, tantrums and my patience) will tell I suppose.

We’re not completely without animals though. There are some that live very happily with us and are part and parcel of our loving little family AND I haven’t killed them yet. But most importantly, the baby loves them to bits!


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The Babymobile

I love driving all over the place and used to drive a lot for work. If you looked at my car about a year ago it’d look a cross between a teenagers bedroom floor and half an office. Someone once commented they could see no less than 5 bottles of half finished mineral water rolling around the floor!

On a typical day it’d contain something like this:

– Croissants or bananas on the passenger seat (aka my breakfast!)
– Bottles of water all over the floor
– My latest drink in the cup holder
– Work Papers, presentations and folders thrown on the back seat
– 3 x different pairs of work shoes scattered around. Well, you need choice!
– Packets of crisps shoved into the side doors
– Crumbs… Everywhere!
– Chris Moyles on the radio. He’s funny, I’m juvenile. Perfect fit!
– One clean worker in office attire driving well ahead of time to the office / next meeting / visit clients.

It was a mess but a perfect aid to my working day, usually as I’d be so bad at eating lunch or organising myself.

Post baby it’s changed, somewhat. It now looks like this:

– Baby Easy Isofix base fixed in the back (Damn impulse buys!! Will have to buy another base once we move onto a child seat),
– Packets of “emergency” baby milk shoved into the glove compartment
– A bottle of milk in the cup holder (Obviously I don’t feed him on the go. After a not so recent emergency which comprised of the baby screaming at the top of his lungs and me frantically searching for the bottle in the changing bag for what felt like baby eternity hell, it soothes me having a bottle in the cup holder. Where I can see it!
– Baby snacks on passenger. Usually being scoffed by me.
– Baby jacket and other bits of baby clothing thrown onto back seat. I’ve usually forgotten my coat
– Baby changing bag that seems to grow in size everytime we go out!
– Teething ring and other toys thrown across the floor
– An odd shoe, mine. God only knows how I lost the other one. I know, I need to throw this one away. I haven’t the heart.
– My hair. Absolutely… Everywhere!!
– One late mummy with clothes thrown on, “White stuff” on shoulder heading somewhere usually about 30 minutes late!

Wonder what it’ll resemble once I start working!

Baby Safety Products for an Overprotective Parent

As you know we have a crawler on our hands and it is true what they say… You can’t take your eyes off them, even for a second. He is on the move constantly and nothing is too big or scary for him to explore. He’s not mastered crawling yet and he’s already trying to pull himself up on furniture. Me, on the on the other hand, well… I think my heart is permanently in my mouth. Take this morning, for example. He pulled himself onto his knees using the sofa, grabbed his dummy and after a second of smiling victoriously, lost his balance and bumped his head. Cue big tears and crying. Ouch.

I’m literally spending the whole day trying to prevent him smacking his face, head and gasping every 30 seconds. I get he needs to explore and learn but it is so tempting to just wrap him in protective gear to stop him hurting himself. If I was an overprotective mother (which I’m not) i’d definitely buy the following… That is, if it was on the baby safety Market:

1. A Baby Helmet, complete with chin guard – Prevents bumps and scrapes to the head. Also prevents the baby bumping into the corners of the cot whilst he goes off crawling within in at all hours of the night.

2. Elbow and Shin Pads – Aids the above and prevents bloody and bruised knees, cuts and scrapes

3. The Nappy Airbag – Designed for babies who have not quite mastered standing up. It inflates as soon as baby’s bum lands on the floor. Nice cushioned landing and no sore bum, or flattened poo within the nappy. Bliss.

4. Gum Shield – Does what it says on the tin. Can also double up as a teething ring.

5. (For the ultimate overprotective mummy) The all over body suit. Can be purchased in two styles; the “astronaut style” or the “Michelin baby style” (floaty or bouncy). Either way baby will be cushioned to impact.

Imagine the millions I’d make. I mean, an overprotective mother would make. Now, which Dragon would be interested?