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The theme in the Gallery this week is Delicate.

As usual, I thought of a few things I could use to show Delicate this week including flowers, baby feet, baby hands, little creations, soft things….and flicking through my photos I came across one which made me go “ahhhh! Delicate!”

When Baby Z turned one in December last year he was obsessed with Iggle Piggle.  I had decided I wanted an Iggle Piggle cake for one of his parties and not being brave enough to make it I went on a hunt.  I searched a lot of bakeries around where I live but couldn’t find one that I liked.  I also discovered that a lot of bakeries are inundated with orders for Christmas cakes around this time of year so actually got turned away from a few.  Nooooooo!

Then my cousin asked if I would go to her to have a look at some wedding cakes in Bolton.  Yeahhh why not.  It was a long shot but I could look at their birthday cakes too.  By now I was convinced no-one could actually create an Iggle Piggle that I actually liked.

As we entered I glanced at the orders waiting to be collected by customers that day.  It was then that I spotted this…

Iggle Piggle Cake

An Iggle Piggle sat in his boat, delicate hair, waves lapping and blanket in hand.  Sat on a big square oceanic cake.

“I Want That One!!”

And like magic (with a paid deposit) it was mine.  Well….she made me one to order.

We spent most of the party putting his hair back on as it kept coming off but it was amazing.  I don’t think Z actually cared to be honest but I enjoyed admiring it all day.  I enjoyed the chocolate and buttercream filling even more.

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Street Photography

The theme in the Gallery this week is Street Photography.

My friend and I visited Paris a few years back. I’d already been once previously but she had never seen it. My other half never wants to go so I thought why not go with a friend!

This was part of our “mini tour of Europe”, which comprised of Belgium and France. So very very mini. Anyhoo, we arrived at our hotel and kept seeing signs for Roland Gaross. Not being very sporty we had no idea what it was and dismissed it for some local attraction at first. Instead we hurried to the centre to see all the important attractions like the Notre Dame, Eiffel Tower, the Louvre etc.

A day or two later we asked the hotel receptionist what Roland Gaross was. Her answer was a very enthusiastic “The French Open of course!!”.


It turned out we were only staying a mile away from the tennis and the French Open was in its opening rounds. We got day tickets to the games and had a wander around the courts. We particularly enjoyed watching the French Jeremy Chardy and shouting “Allez Jeremy!!!” alot and trying in vain to get his autograph despite not really knowing him nor being a fan of tennis.

Just for the day though, it was a lot of fun!


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Annabel Karmel Organic Purees‏ Giveaway


It’s giveaway time on the blog!

Back when we first started the weaning process I bought Annabel Karmels book. I remember regularly referring to the feeding guide just to make sure I was giving Baby Z enough bottles and food. After all, food had now been added to his diet as well as milk and it was a daunting, messy and exciting time all at once. We went through a journey of making good purees, bad purees, trying shop bought purees and then mixing in finger foods and, over time, Baby Z became fully weaned.

Over twenty years after the publication of her first book, Annabel Karmel, the UK’s number one parenting author and expert on baby and children’s nutrition, is launching her first range of organic baby purées in pouches. Annabel Karmel’s organic purées are based of some of the most popular recipes from her books, and made with the best possible ingredients that you could find in your own kitchen.

Annabel Karmel

“Ready made fruit and vegetables purees that taste natural are much easier to make than meat and fish purees, which have always been a bit trickier and can often taste bland. A common mistake when weaning is to continue feeding only fruit and vegetable purées after six months. This diet is too low in calories and lacks the fat and nutrients found in proteins such as meat and fish, which are important sources of iron and essential fatty acids and vital for your baby from 6 months.” Annabel Karmel.

Annabel Karmel

Annabel’s pouches (130g) are perfect for busy mums and dads who don’t always have time to cook from scratch or for those that feel unsure of how to start introducing meat and fish to their baby’s diet.

The range comprises of:

Sunday Best Roast Chicken, Cosy Cottage Pie, Scrumptious Salmon & Sweet Potato, Lovely Lentils & Tomato, Tasty Chicken & Butternut Squash, Fruity Apple, Pear & Blueberry.

Suitable from six months, the MSRP for the purees are £1.49 each and they will be available from Sainsbury’s in June and Tesco from July.

Annabel Karmel

Want to Win a Set of Purees?

If you’d like to win a set of Annabels new purees, simply leave me a comment below with some way of contacting you. (e.g. Twitter name or email address). You have until the 30th July to enter.

You can have additional entries in the giveaway by doing any of the following (Leave an additional comment for each to confirm you have done so):

5 winners will be selected at random and contacted after the 30th July 2012.