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The Gallery – What I’m Doing Now

The theme in the Gallery this week is an interesting one: What I’m Doing Right Now

Literally take a photo of whatever you’re doing when you read this prompt.
I know, I know there will be some people reading this all wide-eyed and yelling BUT I DON’T POST PHOTOS OF MYSELF. What are you doing to me Tara? What, what?

Well, it doesn’t have to be your face. If you’re watching the TV, take a picture of your outstretched legs or your hand clutching a cuppa/beer/cocktail.
Get creative – I think it’s going to be really interesting to see what everyone is up to when they’re browsing the internet!

I was staring at the chocolate Santa at the time. I bought him during the Christmas sales and at £2 just had to have it. (What? It was Thorntons!).. Anyway, it occurred to me… I could do that clever thing where I take a before pic of him whole. And then an after pic of a headless Santa. (Like you do).

Sooo… Before was fine:


And then the after shot went slightly wrong


Oops. Umm…

So thats what I doing when I was reading Tara’s prompt. *Chuckles manically*

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