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Dear Toy People

Dear Toy People,

Hello. We love your toys, they are amazing. Our house is like a shrine to toydom. We have about a million all in different shapes and sizes. Each one is “educational” in teaching Little Z the importance of colour or co-ordination or the alphabet. I’m fortunate in that Little Z actually plays with them instead of using them as a hammer or a weapon. Sometimes he does prefer to yank on the chains of the blinds instead for about an hour but on the whole we really love toys in this house.

I just have one small gripe. Call it constructive criticism. Or a moan… I’m not sure which it is. I’m not that fussed to be honest. I can be moany sometimes.

But what the hell is it with ALL that packaging? It’s like trying to break into a safe sometimes. There’s just so much of it before you get down to the actual toy.

Take, for instance, last week when we decided to buy Little Z his first remote control car. He was so excited when he saw it. He wanted nothing more than to get his hands on it so he could push it around our wooden floors. Ahhh, a picture of love.

So I start to open it and suddenly realise the top has been sellotaped down with about 10 pieces of sticky tape. Oh. Little Z waits patiently whilst I try to prise off the see through tape. I manage with a sigh of relief to get it all off and by now I’m covered in sticky tape. But that doesn’t matter. I have an excited little boy to please.

Oh but wait… I then find that opening the top is pointless. It’s the BOTTOM I should have opened to get the car out. *Grumble grumble* whilst I go about prising off another 10 pieces of tape (Do you have shares in sellotape or something?). Little Z is starting to look slightly bemused now with a look of “Am I getting my toy today?” on his face.

I eventually manage to pull the Toy out and find I now have to deal with the thing all parents around the world dread when it comes to unpacking toys. Toy wire ties. About 20 of them.


Now don’t get me wrong. They are really very effective in preventing toy theft from toy stores and a pretty excellent way of ensuring the position of the toy in the box stays intact through all the transit in its little toy life cycle. But do you really need about 25 of them around one toy??? Do you know how annoying they are to get off? Just when you think you’ve got them all you find about 3 more that you completely missed, usually wrapped around the wheel axis in a really awkward way. And you employ people to do this right? I’m surprised your toys are not covered in spatters of their own blood from all the cuts they must get.

I FINALLY get the Toy out with a sigh, a sense of achievement and a TA DAAAAA!!!

Oh. Little Z got bored of waiting and ran off to do his “Show Me Show Me your groovy moves dance” with Chris and Pui. Once he’s done doing the “freeze!” bit I wave the new toy in front of him with lots of ooooohs and ahhhhhs. The look of excitement returns and he runs towards me, past me, and straight to the packaging with its 50 wires all sticking out.

Maybe you should just sell packaging?

Yours faithfully,
A mum trying to find all those wire things before Little Z puts one in his mouth.


The Gallery – Animals

The theme on the Gallery this week is Animals. Growing up we never had any pets. My mum has a bit of a big dislike of cats and dogs and, if a stray did wander in, she’d pretty much jump up on the couch and stay there until someone shoo’d it off! (well, that only really happened once).

We did have budgies for a while and a goldfish not so long ago but that died. It just sort of stopped breathing one day, about two weeks after we got it. I didn’t kill it or anything, I’m just not that good with animals.

I’m not sure if I’ll let the little one have pets yet. Given my goldfish record, I don’t seem to be too great with my animals (I know a fish is not an animal, but you know what I mean!). Time (and proportion of tears, tantrums and my patience) will tell I suppose.

We’re not completely without animals though. There are some that live very happily with us and are part and parcel of our loving little family AND I haven’t killed them yet. But most importantly, the baby loves them to bits!


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