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Listography – Cartoon Characters from my Youth

I love Memes that have you reliving a part of your childhood so when I saw Kate latest Listography, my eyes lit up (What? It’s Monday. I’m knackered from the weekend and this gives me joy).

So my Top 5 Cartoon Characters from my Youth…

1. Thundercats
HHHHHHHHHOOOOOO!!! My brothers and I used to love this. We’d watch it all the time, wave our imaginary swords around, occasionally whack each other and pretend to run really fast.


2. Pink Panther
My mum tells me I used to do the dance and everything. She’s lying.

Pink Panther

3. Poddington Peas
Down at the bottom of the garden, amongst the birds and the bees. There’s a lot of little people, they’re called the Poddington Peas (I remember the whole song!)

Poddington Peas

4. Tom and Jerry
Enough said! Classics even now. My favourite was actually Jerry’s little nephew. Or was he his cousin?

Tom & Jerry

5. Batfink
My wings are like a shield of steel!!!


Can you guess I was an 80s child?

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