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Things To Do Before I’m 40

I read a very fun post yesterday on TheBoyAndMe’s blog, all about “Things I want to do before I turn 40”. You usually see people with bucket lists and whilst they’re full of fun things the bit about death has always put me off. This is much more palatable by my brain. It started as a meme on the blog of Two Point Four Children. Go check both of them out.

Anyway… Here is my list!

1. Go To New York and Las Vegas
2. Have another baby
3. If looking after 2 children goes well then possibly have a third.
4. Move towns. I love where we live but part of me wonders whether the time has come to move to somewhere a bit busier. Where the children “can do stuff”
5. Enjoy being part time and not wonder what it would be like to be full time. At least for a few years.
6. Make more trips to London again
7. Go to see Wicked at the theatre
8. Visit Italy with the baby and eat a LOT of pasta and pizza.
9. Curb my temper a fair bit.
10. Spend more time with the Inlaws without moaning for an hour before hand.
11. Become a regular jogger. Nothing too strenuous. Just enough to get fit!
12. Stop stressing over everything!
13. Possibly change jobs and even consider becoming self employed by starting own business.
14. Learn how to cook all manners of Chinese food.
15. Cut all coke altogether!
16. Fly First class to somewhere.
17. Drive around Europe. Not sure whether with the kids would be a good idea!
18. Finally get it through to hubby, via hints, he needs to surprise me with a holiday. To New York possibly. Or Paris. I’m not fussy, obviously.
19. Lean how to swim! (I still can’t swim properly).
20. Be happy with my lot.

That’s my 20!

Now I tag


Once you’ve done your list go link up on Two Point Four Childrens page.

Now, what to do first?