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My 80s

My 80’s were most of my childhood…

A time when you could play out till it got dark, by yourself

Run around the streets without fear of being knocked down by a car

When you could buy 2 pints of milk, a loaf of bread and crisps for less then a pound

When you bought sweets in ounces and quarters

When your PE bag and trainers were Gola and that wasn’t cool

When you were scared of the Daleks

When you loved watching the Muppet show once a week on Sundays

When you had never heard of the Internet or mobile phones

And it didn’t matter

When you had one computer to share around the whole of your primary school

When you had a Hitachi TV with fake wood casing

and no remote control

When Blue Peter was fantastic

As was Rainbow and Lets Pretend, Puddle Lane and All sorts

When you knew what “magic magic E” meant

And you were cool.

Oh so cool.

Those were my Eighties.

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Landscapes in The Gallery

This week the theme in The Gallery is Landscapes

Go and take a photo of one that inspires you, dig one out of your archives or get creative. Trees (ahem), sea shores, beach, skyline, fields, roof tops, pylons, mountains, snow whatever.

This was taken on holiday in Rome a few years ago.  The landscape of the entire city is just breathtaking and if you like a bit of history then its like being in history heaven.  You can’t turn around without seeing a bit of history that shaped Rome and its like being on an adult school trip.  One of my favourite places was something called The Forum.  Its where some of the key councils and leaders would meet and discuss key matters that shaped their world  Every little ruin is still steeped with stories from the past and you can wander around for hours just learning.  You can see the Coloseum in the background just to the right.  Thats a whole story in itself!


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