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Movies In The Gallery

This week the theme in the Gallery is Movies.

Have you ever wonder what Indiana Jones did between his massive break between the last crusade and the crystal skull adventures? I found out by chance on holiday a couple of years ago.

He took a long break and decided he wanted to stay in Petra and do this…

We happened to see it by chance on entering Petra, on our to the valley of Moses and the Treasury. I didn’t actually get to meet Indiana Jones unfortunately, I assume he was on his lunch break or something. I thought he may have cashed in on his fame a but more but, alas, there was only the one gift shop of its kind.

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My OH has footy aspirations for Baby Z. Being a completely crazy football nut the OH plays football regularly, watches it on TV regularly and will even attend the opening of an envelope as long as that envelope contains anything remotely related to football in it.

So imagine his joy when Baby Z learned the word “Goal!”. It was as if, at the tender age of 16 months, half of his footy training had already been complete. Baby Z loves kicking a ball around and there are even glimpses of him being left footed. (I dunno…apparently that’s a good thing!). He loves screaming “Goooooaaaal!” any time someone scores, it doesn’t really matter who, and he will run straight towards any football playing crowd on our daily visit to the park.

There is something, however, that I need to break to the OH some time soon. I actually think Baby Z is going to be a runner. Probably a long distance one. He has all the stamina of Mo Farah and all the speed of Usain. He is already going through a daily training programme. Completely self motivated, Baby Z will thrust my keys into my hand and declare “PARK!”. He is at the door before me and refuses any amount of help with warming up or being picked up. He would rather dart straight to his training ground and just run and run. And run. And run. And run.

With all the improvement in his speed I’m actually thinking of investing in one of those mobile buggy things.

So, OH, if you’re reading this… We have a runner on our hands, not a football player.




The theme in this weeks Gallery is Everyday.

This week I’m going with a suggestion for someone after a photo they used for the Family prompt.
Spudballoo said she was so used to editing and touching up and setting up the perfect photo that she rarely photographed the every day. “Alas real life can’t be processed, glossed, trimmed and deleted with such gay abandon so I decided to snap a photo for this week and not ‘mess with it’ in any way” she said….also things we tend to not photograph because they’re not a happy or a perfect moment.

Being a part time working mum means we have two chunks to the week. One part is trying to spend quality time with Z, to catch up on housework, go to playgroups, cook and clean and generally try to get ahead. The second part involved getting up too early, rushing around getting ready, dropping Z off to my mums, going to work and then using the evenings to get ready for the next day. I’ve no idea how full time working mums do it but its sometimes crazy juggling everything with what feels like very little time to do it all in. In all the madness Z and I try to have at least breakfast together. That small part of our every day where he sits next to me, like a big boy, on the sofa or at my mums dining table. Before the madness of the day starts properly.


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Picture Postcard

The theme in the 100th Gallery is Picture Postcard.

Here’s mine…it’s a journey I occasionally do on a very long windy road. It has trees surrounding the entire route and no lights so it’s very spooky at night. On this particular day the sun decided to make a rare appearance and the scene ahead of me just looked this.



The theme in this weeks Gallery is Light.

In the last week of my pregnancy my dad and I had the following conversation.

Dad: “I bought you a lamp for when you need to get up at night with the baby”

Me: “But daaaaad!, we don’t need a lamp. We’ll just stick the light on”.

Dad: “It’s a touch lamp, you’ll need it”

Me: “But daaaaad! It doesn’t go with anything”

Dad: “Ok, let me know when you want it”

(A week after Baby Z was born)…

Me: “Umm, daaad… Can I have that lamp?”


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