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2 Years

Almost 2 years ago I was very heavily pregnant and approaching my due date of the 16th December. It had snowed heavily and I was stuck indoors…bored! I didn’t mind too much though as it meant I could just sleep all day and at that stage in my pregnancy I was either completely tired all the time or wondering where my next lamb chop was going to come from. Even in the heavy snow. Lamp chops were my obsessive craving.

Thankfully this mental craving only lasted the duration of my pregnancy, after which I quickly went back to hating all fatty things and spending ages cutting it off any meat I touch.

Almost two years on I have a toddler that hates lamb. He doesn’t like the chewy texture and will chew for a while and then try to spit it back out again, much preferring chicken. Cottage Pie is a firm favourite though…on the days where he is in the mood to eat. One must be in the mood. And one mustn’t let food get in the way of playing.

Two years on we have a toddler that has changed our lives forever and continues to do so every day. The little whirlwind that doesn’t stop and who, over the last month, has taken to dancing to every tune that comes on TV. Not just bum wiggling but even groovy hand moves. Straight out of the 70’s. And everyone must join in!

Two years ago today I didn’t know whether we were having a boy or a girl. My instincts told me it was a boy but I couldn’t picture what he looked like. At this stage we hadn’t even chosen a name for him/her. We always meant to sit down and look through name books but I don’t remember touching a single one. We just rattled off names we liked and 100% were ruled out. It had to be right. We hadn’t found the right one. It took us until he was a day old to finally seriously start looking. In the end, naming him wasn’t that hard. And so he was named Little Z.

Two years ago I had no clue of even how to hold a baby. Before I had little Z I would only hold a newborn for about a minute if I was lucky before they started crying. I really only liked “solid” babies. You know, the one that could sit up and giggle. Then I could entertain for hours!

Two years ago I had no idea what it was like to have a baby in your life.

Two years on we have a little boy with his own personality. I can see my stubbornness in him. I slightly dread the teen years and hope he is a better teen than I was. I can see the OH’s slim build in him ( that will always be there no matter how many pizzas we try to feed him!) and a love of sport. I can picture us freezing at the side of the football pitch watching him run after the ball constantly. Even if he’s not meant to.

I remember when Little Z turned one and there was a big part of me that was very sad about it. He was growing up and it felt like those first months had gone by too quickly and that I’d never get them back. This last year has been SO much fun though. This last year was the year he grew into a little boy. The year he’s given us an insight into who he is as a little person and just that is a world of discovery in itself. Things he likes, things he doesn’t like, the things he says, the things he finds awesome and the way he makes the tiniest thing the centre of the universe for a while.

2 Years Old

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How Fussy is Fussy?

Little Z is now almost 21 months old and what most people describe as “a proper little boy”… This usually translates to meaning he loves to run and climb and throw himself off things like a little stuntman. He is pretty much on the go all the time and if he’s not running around then he is singing and dancing wanting everyone to join in. It can be exhausting just watching him and I’m pretty sure it’s made me healthier just chasing him around most of the day.

But my little man is one of the most fussiest eaters I have ever come across. I wouldn’t say he hates food, he’s just not interested. He is very much on the slim to skinny side and he regular shouts “pants!!!” at me as they start sliding down his skinny little waist. My OH is very skinny too so I know he’s very likely to take after him physique wise. That’s not what bothers me though. It’s the constant refusal to eat a proper meal.

I kept thinking “oh it’s a phase”.. But I’m now not sure how fussy is fussy and when you should start genuinely worrying that your toddler isn’t eating as much as you’d like. Most meals are a battle, particularly the bit where I try to get a very wriggly him into the highchair. Protests can range from a whiny “nooooo!” to a full throttle paddy.

Once this bit is over he may or may not eat something. I’ve never seen him polish the plate off which I’ve accepted will never happen but when he just ears the sweetcorn and declares “All done!” after the 20th meal it starts to get a bit worrying.

Take yesterday. This is what he had ALL day…

Breakfast: Some cereal with milk

Snack: handful of raisins

Lunch: two bites of scrambled egg, some sweet corn, about 3 of our chips and 3 strawberries

Dinner: Nothing (well, a bite of one slice of bread).

About a pint of milk through the day.

This is the way it pretty much goes day in day out. Is this normal for an almost 2 year old?

I’ve raised this once with the HV but was kindly dismissed with a “it’s a phase”. Umm… but this phase has gone on ever since he turned about 1! That’s a whole year?!

Do you have a fussy eater like this? Should I be worried? Should I stop looking at the nutritional value of sweetcorn hoping it’ll one day morph before my eyes and say “yes this provides an entire day of nutrition for a toddler that thinks he is the road runner?”

What to do?

Foodie Friday

We did something out of the ordinary for us this evening. We decided to be spontaneous and head straight to dinner at a grill place not too far from us. Slightly naughty considering it was so close to little Zs bedtime but we’re not often spontaneous like that so thought may as we enjoy it.

Little Z was mostly well behaved until he knocked over quite a lot of pepper from the pepper shaker that… Umm…I gave him to play with for a while. Im pretty sure thats why he kept sneezing so much for a bit. And the place didn’t have highchairs! So taking turns to balance a toddler on laps was a bit of a challenge.

But the food was verrrrrrry nice….particularly the Texas Chicken and chips…


The Crazy Kitchen


This week the theme in the The Gallery is Food!

3 years ago, the OH and I decided one day that we would finally get married.  It was a very long time coming but when we decided we did it at ligtning speed.  After eliminating already booked family holidays, the birth of 2 family babies and other crucial events we realised that we only had 4 weeks to do everything.  Needless to say, the next 4 weeks were utterly stressful and fun all at the same time.   Every weekend and weekday would be spent rushing to different places to book the venue, food, invitations, favours, bridal outfit, dresses, presents, rings…and the list went on.  Arrrrrrgh!!

Amazingly, with the help of some excellent friends and family it all came together.   I then realised a couple of days before that I had FORGOTTEN TO ORDER A WEDDING CAKE.  Ahhhhh…S***! Still, I wasn’t too bothered anymore.  I was just really looking forward to our wedding day and resigned myself to the fact that it would be cakeless.

The day kicked off and it was amazing.  Halfway through the day I suddenly caught sight of something being brought out.  It was a wedding cake.  My brother had noticed, in my bridezilla frenzy, that I’d not ordered one so bought us this as our wedding present.

And very very nice it was too.

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

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