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The theme in the Gallery this week is Delicate.

As usual, I thought of a few things I could use to show Delicate this week including flowers, baby feet, baby hands, little creations, soft things….and flicking through my photos I came across one which made me go “ahhhh! Delicate!”

When Baby Z turned one in December last year he was obsessed with Iggle Piggle.  I had decided I wanted an Iggle Piggle cake for one of his parties and not being brave enough to make it I went on a hunt.  I searched a lot of bakeries around where I live but couldn’t find one that I liked.  I also discovered that a lot of bakeries are inundated with orders for Christmas cakes around this time of year so actually got turned away from a few.  Nooooooo!

Then my cousin asked if I would go to her to have a look at some wedding cakes in Bolton.  Yeahhh why not.  It was a long shot but I could look at their birthday cakes too.  By now I was convinced no-one could actually create an Iggle Piggle that I actually liked.

As we entered I glanced at the orders waiting to be collected by customers that day.  It was then that I spotted this…

Iggle Piggle Cake

An Iggle Piggle sat in his boat, delicate hair, waves lapping and blanket in hand.  Sat on a big square oceanic cake.

“I Want That One!!”

And like magic (with a paid deposit) it was mine.  Well….she made me one to order.

We spent most of the party putting his hair back on as it kept coming off but it was amazing.  I don’t think Z actually cared to be honest but I enjoyed admiring it all day.  I enjoyed the chocolate and buttercream filling even more.

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This week the theme in the The Gallery is Food!

3 years ago, the OH and I decided one day that we would finally get married.  It was a very long time coming but when we decided we did it at ligtning speed.  After eliminating already booked family holidays, the birth of 2 family babies and other crucial events we realised that we only had 4 weeks to do everything.  Needless to say, the next 4 weeks were utterly stressful and fun all at the same time.   Every weekend and weekday would be spent rushing to different places to book the venue, food, invitations, favours, bridal outfit, dresses, presents, rings…and the list went on.  Arrrrrrgh!!

Amazingly, with the help of some excellent friends and family it all came together.   I then realised a couple of days before that I had FORGOTTEN TO ORDER A WEDDING CAKE.  Ahhhhh…S***! Still, I wasn’t too bothered anymore.  I was just really looking forward to our wedding day and resigned myself to the fact that it would be cakeless.

The day kicked off and it was amazing.  Halfway through the day I suddenly caught sight of something being brought out.  It was a wedding cake.  My brother had noticed, in my bridezilla frenzy, that I’d not ordered one so bought us this as our wedding present.

And very very nice it was too.

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake

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If You Bake It, They Shall Come

As Baby Boys first birthday approaches (arrrgh… How? How?), the party planning pressure is ramping up. I think this is actually going to be the theme for most of December, to be honest.

I have most of it worked out in my head.

Party number one is for 25ish, mostly finger foods, mostly kids that look crazed even as they step through my front door, piñata probably bad idea.

Party number two, for 40ish, is mostly adults, there’ll be a mix of “proper meal” and finger foods, adults that love dancing, house is not that big, I’m having visions of house getting destroyed.

I should get a crack on buying things and you’d think the above would be causing sleepless nights. I have, however, become obsessed with one thing. The cake.

I need two birthday cakes. They must be “good!”. I am not the greatest baker of big cakes. In fact, I’ve never done it, never iced one, never attempted shapes out of marzipan. Nothing. The whole idea fills me with dread and I have been thinking about it all day, every day. I have trawled through the Internet looking for inspiration on how to make a bloody Iggle Piggle cake and swung from the idea of making it myself, to buying a cake topper, to getting it made at a bakers / novelty cake maker. In my head I have become convinced the cake is the “anchor” of the party so It. Must. Be. Good.

My husband has been “helpfully” sending me pictures of the worst Iggle Piggle cakes he can find. He is not helping.

Then, yesterday, after visiting 5 bakers and having lost the will to live, I popped into a bakers in Bolton with a friend who wanted to check out wedding cakes. As I stepped in through the door my eyes immediately snapped onto a lump of blue. I peered over the rim of the box to find (cue melodic cries of “Hallelujah!”) a very good Iggle Piggle cake. He was sat in a boat with gentle waves around the boat. He wasn’t a perfect replica of Iggle Piggle but he was the best I’d seen. I wanted to grab the box and run out of the shop.

Instead, I exclaimed, “I want that one!”. I rang the OH immediately and screamed my joy down the phone. He mostly replied with questions of “are you ok??”.

SO… The cloud of death-by-baking-birthday-cake lifted as I skipped out of the shop having placed an order for an Iggle Piggle cake for one party, and a Mickey Mouse cake for the other.

So the most important thing is now sorted. Now, for the food.