Hello Feesh!

During our holiday in Dubai (yes, we’re back home now…booo!) we used to visit the hotels humongous aquarium on a daily basis. Little Z has always been fascinated with fish, usually of the goldfish variety, so we knew he’d love it.

Atlantis Palm Aquarium

Each day even before breakfast was finished he’d announce his plans for the morning.

“Feesh!! See feesh!! Feesh!”

We didn’t mind as its so massive and contains so many different types of species there’s always something you hadn’t seen.

Each morning Little Z would have the funniest conversation with them through the glass, mostly along these lines…

[Knocks on glass and waves wildly]

“Hello Feesh!! Ello!! Ello!”

[Fish swim up curious to see if Little Z is about to feed them. They swim around or off once they realise he’s not their feeder]

“What da doing? Come ere!”

[Keeps waving…]

“Where going?? Come ere…Come ere!!”

[Looks up at us]

“Aww naughty!!”

This went on daily, sometimes more than once a day but it would make us chuckle each time. The “Feesh” weren’t always “naughty”. Sometimes he’d just accept they didn’t want to “come ere” and attempt to leg it down the big halls.


I think he would love a goldfish of his own but as fish tend to die in our care (and being not too sure how to explain fish death to a nearly 2 year old) we may wait a while.


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24 thoughts on “Hello Feesh!

  1. ha ha! This is so funny. The aquarium looks amazing I’m not surprised he wanted to go and see them everyday.
    Hope you had a wonderful holiday xx

  2. We had two goldfish when C was little. ONe gold fish started eating the other goldfish. they both got sick with something black. I threw out the shredded goldfish. The cannibal goldfish stopped going black, (so I’m assuming the one fish was sick and the one eating it was getting sick that way). Our goldfish was finally named Moose because it got so big. Then one day when i went to clean the tank it decided to jump out of the water into my face. Well Moose got shipped to my friends fish tank with many other gold fish and a beta. A month into living there, Moose ate the Beta :/ I don’t like fish lol

    So glad Z loves the fish though 😀

  3. Aw, I could stare at fish in aquariums endlessly, though my only experience of keeping a fish – at a company I was working at where every employee got their own pet fish – ended in distaster when the whole tank got fried – poor little Sid Fishious

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