The theme in Tara’s Gallery this week is Hands.

I love studying hands. Not in a creepy way but I do take a cheeky glance at them. I’m not really sure why but they tell you a lot about someone. The delicate looking ones, the grafting ones, the strong looking ones that you want to to hold (like my OHs), the teeny tiny baby ones (soo precious) and the ones with slightly wonky fingers (mine! But I would complete beat you in an ET phone home finger competition!!)

Rather than subject you to a pic of my (just the one!) slightly wonky finger, here are the precious hands on Baby Z…

When he was little



And now…


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14 thoughts on “Hands

  1. Awww I live how little ones reach out for our hands in such an instinctive way. He’s such a cheeky looking boy and gorgeous as are your hand shots x

  2. I always look at people’s hands to see if they are married or not! don’t know why! weird x

  3. There’s nothing quite as precious as the hands of our little treasures. They fascinate me in all they do and how they explore their world. Lovely pics (and I have a couple of wonky fingers!! – loves your E.T. comment!).

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