The Baby Hater

I think Baby Z has entered the world of baby anxiety. Or Baby hating. I can’t seem to work it out yet.

Over the weekend we ha a visit from some good friends and their baby girl who is 4 months younger than baby Z and has just entered the “pokey” inquisitive stage. She teeters about in utter cute mode and explores everything by giving it a good poke. In the midst of her exploration she happened to wander over to Baby Z and gave him a good prod and a “IYYYAA!”. He responded by freezing in surprise, quickly locking eyes with me and trying hard to stop his bottom lip quivering. This was followed by a “waaaaaaaah!”, cue lots of crying and arms held out for a cuddle. He spent the entire afternoon eyeing her suspiciously and bursting into tears every time she tried to play with him.

Roll on Sunday, and after getting his first pair of Clarkes (hurrah!!!), we decided to just “pop” in to Asda for a few bits and bobs. Our “popping in for a few bits and bobs” quickly turned into “a big shop filled to the brim and wandering up and down every aisle”.

Baby Z loves being pushed around in the trolley and as we approached the chocolate aisle we could hear the screaming cries of what looked like a 2 year old little girl, also in a trolley, getting louder and louder. In her arm and leg flailing she caught sight of Baby Z and immediately shut up and pointed, wide eyed and suddenly riveted.

“Oooooh Baybeeeee!”

Her frazzled mum, in an attempt to keep her toddler quiet, immediately pushed her trolley direct next to ours so the two babies were next to each other.

The little girl reached out and tried to hold Baby Z’s hand. Baby Z wasn’t having any of it and looked to us with a “get me awaaaay!”. We tried to assure him with lots of smiles and “say hello!”. He responded with a “waaaaaaah!!” and that was our cue to quickly pull him away and saying our goodbyes.

As we pushed him away the cheeky monkey raised his hand and started waving as the poor frazzled mum of the toddler attempted to deal with part 2 of the epic tantrum her toddler was having.
He quickly put his hand down as her screams got louder.


4 thoughts on “The Baby Hater

  1. I seem to remember mine all going through a similar stage, I *think* it’s when they start to become a bit more self aware and it’s a bit of a shock for them to discover there are others just like them! Hopefully it’ll settle down again soon!

  2. I agree, my niece went through that stage too, i dont think its anything to worry about! They’re just naturally curious and unsure of things and seem to adopt their own way of handling situations. I’m sure Baby Z will be fine again soon. xx PS Love your blog – have now subscribed 🙂 xx

  3. Moo’s the same. V suspicious of other babies. Which is why I take her to different playgroups/toddler groups etc and try to encourage her to be as independent as possible, ie leave her to play while I watch from a distance! It’s a phase, Z will grow out of it, and then you’ll be prising him off all the girls… 😉

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