Phone Photos – The Gallery

The theme in The Gallery this week is Phone Photos. The only rule being it should have been taken on your phone.

On our holiday to Jordan over a year ago we took a trip to Petra and did the amazing walk up to the Treasury. It’s an amazing historic city full of of insights into a forgotten civilisation. Most people come thinking there are a few key monuments to see. Myself included. Once we’d seen the very grand Treasury we found a little cafe to rest my weary feet. This was our view:


The entire cliff is full of caves and carvings made mainly for tombs. There are numerous walkways all the way up which are, to this day, safe to walk along. I got about half way up and then pottered back down again in the mid day sun whilst the hubby decided to venture right to the top where some of the more “esteemed” tombs were housed once upon a time. I sat sipping my water in the cafe and realised hubby had taken the camera with him so snapped with my phone. Hubby came down an hour later with about 200 snaps of caves. Took ages to go through them all!

You can check out more Phone Photos by clicking the icon below!


35 thoughts on “Phone Photos – The Gallery

  1. Wow a stunning photo, with a wonderful memory attached to it. What did we do before camera phones?

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