Dear Baby – 9 months!

Well baby, how the hell is this time flying by? You are now 9 months old and it’s getting closer and closer to my return to work… Arrrghh!!

Actually I shouldn’t moan too much. I think I’ll be able to go back part time, 2 or 3 days a week so that’ll be good!

So this month…

    You absolutely love crawling up to the TV and then pressing all the buttons on the cable box. You weren’t too interested in the PS3 as its not got many pretty lights so, one day, you decided to just smack it furiously. All the lights came up, the CD popped out and your own eyes lit up. I’ve never seen your dad move so fast. (Hee hee!)
    You love pulling hair. Repeatedly. Smacking faces comes a close second.
    You have chosen a mentor. Your cousin; my niece. She only has to squeak and you are in fits of laughter. When she’s around you’ll only eat if she’s in eyesight. She very helpfully tries to encourage you by saying “Gug baby, eat!”. You oblige till she gets bored and wanders off to find a toy and then you’ll try to set yourself free from the highchair to follow her. So far, thankfully, you haven’t managed to escape!
    You have discovered a love of strawberries that rivals your love of remote controls. You will knock a toys out of the way to get to one and, when eating one, it’s the most quiet I’ve even seen you!

    After being banned from our bed after the “falling off the bed incident” we ended up sharing a king size at Grandmas house one night. Its pushed up against a wall so I was comfortable with it. My god can you fidget during the night!! It was like you were in the baby army forraging for something crucial. At regular intervals you’d commando shuffle then go back to sleep, wake again, shuffle some more, maybe change direction and back to sleep. Occasionally you’d kick me in the head or stomach. Suffice to say I didn’t sleep all night and went and bought a travel cot the next day. The bed ban stays in place!

    No teeth… Still! Apparently it can take up to 18 months. That’s a lot of teething pain. Ouch

Until next time baby! Mwah!


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