Guilty Pleasures

This week on The Gallery the theme is Guilty Pleasures.  I couldn’t think of one guilty pleasure so here’s my top 3…

The Dance Mat! I know this is soooo Noughties but who doesn’t love a bit of dance mat.  I am completely rubbish at it but that doesn’t stop me having a go.  Plus it makes me look young..ahem.

Cakes…and Lots of them! Both OH and I have a very sweet tooth. As does both our families. Thankfully that means there is never a shortage of cakes / biscuits / anything sweet anywhere. I had to cut them out completely during pregnancy though because Diabetes runs in my family. This increased my risk of getting gestational diabetes.  I didn’t get it and after an initial period of getting major sugar withdrawal symptoms I’ve tried to be good.  I’ve failed.  But I’ve tried!

And last but not least….The Vampire Diaries. Just look at them (Ignore the middle one). What better way to spend an evening than drooling watching these two. I’m pretty sure this programme isn’t aimed at young 30ish year olds but…you know, look at them!

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12 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures

  1. Oh no! The dance mat! Never understood it! Cake yes, and the Vampire Diaries, never watched it, but happy to watch the one in the middle 🙂

  2. oh, now i never thought of the tv programmes… my guilty pleasure would then be Grey’s Anatomy but yes, i do adore the salvatore brothers!!

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