The Gallery – Animals

The theme on the Gallery this week is Animals. Growing up we never had any pets. My mum has a bit of a big dislike of cats and dogs and, if a stray did wander in, she’d pretty much jump up on the couch and stay there until someone shoo’d it off! (well, that only really happened once).

We did have budgies for a while and a goldfish not so long ago but that died. It just sort of stopped breathing one day, about two weeks after we got it. I didn’t kill it or anything, I’m just not that good with animals.

I’m not sure if I’ll let the little one have pets yet. Given my goldfish record, I don’t seem to be too great with my animals (I know a fish is not an animal, but you know what I mean!). Time (and proportion of tears, tantrums and my patience) will tell I suppose.

We’re not completely without animals though. There are some that live very happily with us and are part and parcel of our loving little family AND I haven’t killed them yet. But most importantly, the baby loves them to bits!


You can check out the other entries in this weeks Gallery’s by clicking the icon below. They might even have proper animals!


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